I. Did. Yoga.

Sunrise over Ankor WatS0. I – did – yoga.

For the first time.


I am fat and had serious anxiety around the whole concept. But it was my daughter’s idea  – and I love her, so I thought, why not?

She said – maybe you will like yoga? And I said – maybe yoga will like me?

Inviting two other women whom I adore made it sound like a party. They enabled me & kept me afloat to get me there. I was still terrified.

Arrived – signed in – paid. Heartened by a hug from a woman I watch from afar – who is inspirational to me, & one of the few who can actually ever understand the immensity of ME doing YOGA. I felt so reassured.


She was amazing. So strong & fit. I want to be like her.

Encouragement. Non judgement.

A new friend helped me keep up – so many instructions & just the absolute physical challenge of moving this inflexible heavy body into challenging positions. Muscles shaking, knees screaming, breath racing. Some poses not an option just yet – but gentle alternatives offered.

Support. Encouragement. Non judgement.

I’ve never been in a more supportive and encouraging physical “exercise”space.

Gentle teaching. Support. Encouragement. Non judgement.

Today I was a BRAVE brave person.




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