No Man’s Land

In just under 12 hours – I get to experience this magnificence and I can hardly wait! Beautifully articulated Stephen.


No Man’s Land

A Love Letter to Peace

John Psathas, Jasmine Millet, Mathew Knight

Wednesday 2 March 2016, Michael Fowler Centre, New Zealand Festival

A personal opinion from Stephen Gibbs


A mesmerising, poignant and uplifting contemplation of the consequences of war, and the vision of some sort of artistic resolution from the descendants of the war-torn.

Usually a film’s soundtrack should be ‘invisible’ (not inaudible!) It should be understated so the dramatic focus should be on the actors, dialogue, action and setting. But No Man’s Land was all about the music – as it should be. The setting, the visuals, the photography, the editing, the technological wizardry were made whole and complete by the music. The music made sense of it all.

It was a team effort. Composer John Psathas had the idea and the drive to carry it on but Jasmine, Mathew and a host of musical and technological…

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