Baubles as Bombs – when the tables are turned


I have had the great fortune to work with another teacher for 3 weeks. Rather than behaving like “teachers” for the whole time, we behaved like explorers – and learned and developed a whole lot in the process.

As we led year 10 music through a songwriting project, we set about co-writing songs too. We established a process and method which ran like a well oiled machine by the end of week 3.


A wonderful thing happened during our last class together. Students presented their songs to the class and so did we. As soon as the students knew we were going to perform our song to them, they immediately became teachers, pulled out mark sheets, pushed record on the camera and then critiqued us at the end – just as we had done for them. They thought we sound like a blend of Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac.

I loved the way they snapped into a professional mode, reflecting what they have seen me do countless times. It made me smile and delighted me.


Immense thanks to DS for challenging me and for stirring the desire to be joyful, present, and writing songs again.

Ka pai mister mantra, you are much mensch.



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