The impermanence of things

Warwick Broadhead died 08/01/2015. This is his nephew’s reflection on the loss of “uncle wow”.
I loved Warwick.


TRB_1851Last Thursday (8 January, 2015) my beloved Uncle Warwick Stanley Broadhead passed away (1944-2015) on Waiheke Island.

He was amazing. He was mother’s older brother, my Godfather, my teacher, my friend and fellow trouble-maker.

For over 30 years he followed the Tibetan Buddhist teachings in some form, alongside my aunty and mother.  Tarchin Hearn and his partner Mary have been important teachers of his, and his siblings.

In the early 90s he had a triple by-pass. My understanding is that his diligence in exploring the dharma, and his health scares, meant Warwick (or Uncle Wow as we called him) was constantly contemplating the dynamic interplay of life, death, suffering and everyday beauty. He talked about this stuff all the time.

He once told me how exquisite his walk up a set of stairs was. At the time his foot gout was flaring up, which meant he was in a lot of pain. He talked about how…

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