Inspired by the novel ‘Unwind’

Wow. Beautiful words.

Reading Miles

Extended Metaphor


These feet move. Sliding and slapping against the tarmac. Hands move, flapping and swishing over pockets, swiftly swiping away and taking the wallets with them.

These eyelids flap slowly, unveiling a hunter’s large, beady eyes, flickering between targets, reading them like books, finding the weak and unsuspecting from the herd of others. His commands fly through this body, as hard as I try; he shuts me out, blinds me and numbs me. Seizing control is a hopeless battle amidst the many that shroud our conjoined life. I watch him lurking through the quiet city streets.

Slimy as a fish, sly like a jackal. Snatch a purse or take a wallet, turn around, and walk away, fight if they stop him. An experienced thief like no other. It was as if, all the good from him had been taken and siphoned into me. A thief to the utmost…

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