We can all sing – we all have a voice and if you can speak then you can sing. The voice is our very first instrument.

Singing is a wonderful thing – it provides a sense of wellbeing and triggers endorphins (the feel good naturally occurring opiates)  – much like exercise. Studies show that a good hearty sing can strengthen immunity. Anecdotally I know from my own experience and of others, you never feel worse after a good sing than you did before.

I have made music my entire life but only dabbled with my voice until my 30s when I joined a Gospel Choir. I started just singing, but very quickly, necessity required me to step up and lead. I trained on the job and enjoyed the lucky position of being in the front and in the centre of, a blend of voices and people. It’s a sonic bath – bathe in the music.

Through leading a group – I learned a lot about singing, and singing together. I learned how closely the voice is connected to the individual. Many people came to audition and were paralysed – the music became a therapy to regain the speaking voice. Some came to rehearsals and were unable sing a note – only weep. Their singing voices came back after long silences – such a joyful gift.

As a director I have led people through songs to celebrate a wedding/union, to comfort the dying, to sooth the disrupted, to ease funereal pain and to farewell the departed.

As a singer I have sung to the living, and the dead, to the dying and the newly born, to elderly and students, MPs and the homeless. I will sing for anybody and everybody.

Singing happens everywhere in the world. The sounds that rang in your ears as a child shape your aesthetics – but singing the songs of the world has shaped me.

The Complaints Choir of Auckland
Community choir Local Vocals singing in Miller St, Pt Chevalier


Community choir One Voice singing in the museum atrium


So, sing – because you can.


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